Why Long Island?

Melding the delights of a metropolitan life with the comforts of suburban lifestyle, Long Island serves as an oasis for the urban elite, as well as a home to many diverse cultural communities. Surrounding natural wonders, with a focus on water activities such as boating and fishing, coupled with the many parks, golf courses, equestrian and recreation facilities offer Long Islanders a healthy balance of urban and countryside living. From the lavish estates of the Hamptons and the North Shore to the many historic communities dotted across the island, the Long Island way of life is a respite from the urban frenzy of nearby New York City, but not too distant that the influences of “The City” are lost.

Long Island, once considered an aviation center, has diversified its local economy and steadily grown with the introduction of many new industries, such as technology, scientific research and engineering. Long Island is divided into two counties, Nassau to the West and Suffolk to the East. Nassau County, with its close proximity to New York City is denser. Encompassing the towns of North Hempstead, Oyster Bay, and part of Huntington, the North Shore area consists of a series of quaint villages and hamlets along the Long Island Sound. Its close proximity and excellent infrastructure make commuting into Manhattan, or further east on Long Island, easy and convenient.

The South Shore, which borders the Atlantic Ocean, is home to some of the finest beaches in the United States, with nearly 120 miles of coastline. The town of Hempstead in Nassau County has many small communities bordering the ocean, making the South Shore a true boater’s paradise. The South Shore of Nassau County is both culturally and economically diverse. Suffolk County, excluding the Hamptons and North Fork, offers a contrasting landscape of residential, rural and industrial. Suffolk’s North Shore is home to many agricultural businesses including farms, stables and the burgeoning Long Island Wine region. Suffolk County is also known for its vibrant industrial area. The Hauppauge Industrial Park now employees over 55,000 workers at more than 1,300 companies. It is also home to many technology and scientific research facilities.

Long Island’s lifestyle is multi-faceted, designed to not only indulge, but offers opportunities for self-exploration and instills a sense of community. It offers its own distinct sense of style with a wide variety of choices from such internationally-acclaimed retail experiences at Americana Manhasset to quaint boutiques and idiosyncratic vintage stores. Eco-friendly practices are now a mainstay of Long Island life. Transforming homes into sustainable spaces without sacrificing design, along with creating eco-friendly gardens and outdoor areas, has turned the area into a leader in the green movement.

Offering boating, beaches, parks and surprising dining, Long Island remains an ideal place to live. Enjoying the natural surroundings and joie de vivre are key elements to Long Island life.

Savor Long Island’s acclaimed restaurants, touting both exquisite fine dining and authentic and organically grown local cuisine. Gourmet restaurants alongside more casual and family-friendly establishments ensure that Long Island dining has something to offer everyone. Fresh ingredients give Long Island dining a uniquely local flavor. Offering arguably the freshest seafood around, Long Island’s notable chefs understand the value of the natural abundance outside their door. Seasonal flavors and textures make Long Island dining a truly wonderful experience. Often integrating local produce, many top restaurants also proudly cultivate vegetables, herbs and fruit from their own gardens.

With many world-class wineries, Long Island’s wine country is burgeoning, beautifully complementing the long-established and illustrious collection of vineyards across New York State. Long Island’s terroir, with its unique climate, a mixture of hardy winters and sun-soaked summers, is an ideal place for a number of grape varietals to thrive.Spending an afternoon traveling from one vineyard known for its oak-cured chardonnay to another known for its throaty and complex malbecs, Long Island’s wine country is a sensory experience in itself.

Established and revered artists along with promising, young talent derive inspiration from the natural beauty of the landscape and the active support from the Long Island art community.The Hamptons and other beachside communities offer a variety of art from modernist expressions, folk art and handcrafted furniture. There is an explosion of talent on Long Island, influenced partially by its proximity to creatively charged New York City.

Galleries showcasing evocative paintings, sculpture, and other art, are often intimate reflections of the Island’s informal lifestyle and history. Museums with impressive permanent collections and seasonal installations dot the seaside, providing a necessary taste of metropolitan life without compromising the relaxed atmosphere.

Theatre productions, from contemporary interpretations of classic pieces to beloved musicals are an ideal way to spend an afternoon or evening on the Island. Many of New York City’s finest actors, poets, writers and musicians are in residence during the summer season, often participating in private shows and performances. From grand and opulent performing arts centers to small, undiscovered galleries, Long Island has a taste of the arts for every palette.