U'Sellis Realty Advantages

I am sure many buyers and sellers sometimes think…hmmm….if I don’t use an agent to buy this home or if I sell my home on my own that they all win monetarily in the end by saving on the compensation that a REALTOR would receive. As a REALTOR in the Louisville and Jefferson County area we realize this goes through the minds of some buyers and sellers and truthfully, we respect you for wanting to save you and your families money. However, in the end….do you really save money? Here are a few advantages to using a Full Service Real Estate Professional to help you buy or sell a home.

For Sellers:
1. We will provide you with feedback after each showing of your home. This feedback is critical since these buyers are looking at all other homes that are in your price range. It is important to know where you stand against the other homes offered for sale. Being able to have this feedback and the opportunity to respond to it will help you sell your home faster!
2. We will let you know about homes that come on the market that are competing with your home.
3. We will provide you with marketing exposure on the internet with various utilized real estate websites to get your home SOLD faster and save you money.
4. We will help you identify items that need to be taken care of in your home so the home makes the BEST first impression when coming on the market. We can also recommend staging and other services to help you get ready to SELL your home for the highest price!
5. We will provide you real estate market data that is tailored to your home, neighborhood and market as a whole.
6. We will guide you through the entire process from putting your home on the market, receiving an offer, negotiating the offer to get you the best price for your home and explain all the contingencies that are options to buyers in the contract. 

For Buyers:
1. We will guide you through the entire process from searching for a home, making an offer, negotiating the best price for the home and all the contingencies that are options to buyers in their purchase. We utilize a 7 page contract that provides protection for both buyer and seller.
2. We will provide you with comparable closed market sales so that you know what other homes in the area have sold for. Thus, you make an educated and informed offer to save YOU money!
3. We will let you know about any and all homes that come on the market for sale. We also know about many “For Sale By Owner” properties as well!
4. We are a 3rd party in the exciting time of purchasing a new home. We are not emotionally involved and can give unbiased advise based on fact and experience.
5. We are familiar with local real estate practices and other professionals such as closing companies, attorneys, home inspection companies and local contractors.

Ultimately, it's U'Sellis Realty's goal to keep you well informed and educated while you buy or sell 
your biggest investment which in the end will save you time, money and help you reach your goal!

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